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A fresh start. Plus old habits.

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Name:jottingprosaist / JP
The fanfic-writing secret identity of a young Canadian teacher. Nonbinary/genderqueer, pansexual/queer. (They/them/theirs.)

General blog policies:
  • 16+ please. Teens can interact but we're not having explicit conversations.
  • Blanket warning that the content of my blog is NSFW & sexually explicit.
  • Ship and Let Ship
  • Problematic means we wrestle with it, not ban it.
  • Don't be a dickhead without cause Be compassionate

Tagging policies:

I will always tag:
  • Noncon (including dubcon and real-world rape/sexual assault)
  • Sexual NSFW

  • That's it. Other content may be untagged/unwarned.
  • Content may be nonsexual but NSFW (e.g. swearing)
  • Fics will be more extensively tagged and summarized. I warn for most things I consider commonly upsetting. I will not cover everything that everyone might need, though.

Transformative fanwork policies:
  • Podfic & translations: Please tell me which work you want to record. I will almost definitely say yes. Then link me!
  • Continuations, remixes, AUs, etc: Please tell me which work you want to transform and how. I will probably say yes. (I obviously can't stop you, but I'd like to hear about it first.)
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